testing_experienceManaging software without quality control and strategy is similar to a heart surgeon operating on a patient without a co-ordinated team and plan in place. It’s only a matter of time when the anaesthetic wears off and you’re up against serious issues and costs.

Consultants have been quick at measuring software testing maturity and indicating the importance of increasing the maturity but they seem to struggle with how to manage the maturity and capability including the support of the organisations teams and budget. It is overwhelming to experience how some business have spent large sums of money approving the purchase of software testing tools only to find the cost to maintain the tools and train staff yet alone work out how a short term return on investment is at all possible to aid their release in 3-6 months?

This is when you read about tools being put back on the shelf! A manager having read this far probably might rush off to the purchase order requests and feel confident to rip up all outstanding orders. Please hold off until you have had the chance to read on.

We are talking from real experience, witnessing client frustrations with large expensive tools sets sold as a short term solutions, only realising after purchasing or investing in tool solution the return and maturity improvement may only be visible after 12 months.

For a regular consultant or test professional working without tools means your years of experience is about to be tested down the quarter mile, so be prepared to sign-off normally when you’re at the stage of wear and tear!

The approval time required by most organisations to invest in software testing tools generally means the first few months testing an agile software cycle will require a manual intervention of trying to capture the effort and report on the health status using the traditional methods is a recipe which spells time, costs, quality and caffeine RISK!

TestPoint being a successful software testing company realised the key to maintain consulting quality across projects and to avoid risks associated with agile software development meant we had to ingeniously ensure our consultants where equipped with our own Enterprise QA Tool solution similar to what you would expect from a qualified mobile mechanic. A mechanic charges only for their time and not the tools so TestPoint see it the same. We offer our service with our own propriety QA Enterprise product solution.

We now focus on constant service delivery without the guess work and inconsistency and no more expensive tool suites which break the budget.

The first days engagement now comes with a return on investment, maturity is provided instantly utilising industry best practices simply as a result of deploying a proven methodology packaged as a software product, test management solution.

TestPoint has transformed what was known to be an expensive, long term investment into a sensible immediate real time benefit to our clients. Your business Requirements, Test Case Traceability and plans including the verification process is automated allowing project management to accurately measure the status using meaningful data.

The years of engineering and project experience has been carved into TestPoint’s signature offerings making our Quality Assurance/Testing solution a benefit and adding to our 100% success rate and ZERO missed deadlines to date! Get in touch with us!

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