Vansah VSAM provides comprehensive website data monitoring necessary to understand and isolate real user problems.

Vansah VSAM delivers full visibility into application performance issues with screen shots and video recordings linked to performance counters exceeding thresholds.


Millions of dollars are lost in potential annual revenue for websites having a simple one second delay in page responses. WPM is used to monitor the successful delivery of applications to end-users. While most providers of WPM solutions focus only on basic offerings such as simple ping requests to check if the site is up and running, TestPoint’s Vansah VSAM performance monitoring solution provides a full extensive web monitoring solution.


With TestPoint’s Vansah VSAM technology you will be able to capture your real users performance experience measured against benchmark response times. Critical web transactions which can affect your business revenue can be captured and monitored. With Vansah VSAM you can be sure to keep a close eye on the performance of your organization’s most important transactions.

All transactions are completely recorded in real time with the ability to play back the experience from the end users point of view when required. With complete screen recording detailing every click, mouse move, data entry, navigations and screen response with factors contributing to the end users performance you can instantly diagnose performance issues at the exact time they occurred.

Vansah VSAM is the only solution which can integrate with your own local or hosted testing tools to provide key meaningful response metrics, screen shots and video recordings of your end users transactions.


Vansah VSAM can also provide detailed performance metrics based on your end users environment configuration which addresses performance variances across browsers, devices and environment settings. Mitigate your website performance risks by using Vansah VSAM.

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