with-vansah-huddle-2Vansah Huddle will allow you to manage designs, issues and documents with visual feedback utlising inbuilt shapes (circles, squares, rectangles, call-outs) where you can colloborate with your team.

      1. Huddle with Visual Feedback against your mock-ups, concepts, incidents or specs. Now you can do this in your design phase.
      2. Huddle by Uploading any file, image and let Vansah take control of your worries.
  1. Huddle by visually capturing feedback, creating your discussion points, sharing ideas, issues or thoughts
  2. Go back to any version and read what was discussed.
  3. Designers & BA’s, Huddle with Vansah and take advantage by sharing your ideas and concepts
  4. Testers, communicate your issues with Huddle by attaching screens with detail allowing developers to understand exactly what you see!
  5. Developers, say good bye to endless emails and poor defects and let Huddle bring the detail you deserve.
  6. Team, Create an Agile Board with Huddle and share it with your team or keep it private.
  7. Take charge of a real agile experience by pasting screen shots of your issues or tests directly to any Huddle board you have access to. Huddle against any file or image on the board and decide what needs to be done later. Now you can create any issue, test or requirement against the attachment within seconds.
  8. Upload a PDF or Word file and start discussing and adding visual feedback to any page within the file helping your team discuss and make informed decisions.