Synthetic performance counters are created within Vansah VSAM to capture response times against your business transactions. Vansah integrates with robots which drives the application simulating real user transactions. A robot can be any tool available in the market most commonly QTP, TestComplete, Functional Tester, Tosca, Selenium, TestPartner to name a few.

The synthetic transaction counters are inserted within your robot scripts using a single line syntax which allows Vansah VSAM to capture response times of your application supported with root cause analysis (i.e. Browser or Application, Screen Shots, Log Files and other system KPI’s). If a performance counter exceeds the threshold limit, the system will generate a failure and will forward the information to your inbox and available within a centralised dashboard in real-time . Counters can be unlimited and easily configured based on your Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The illustration above demonstrates how three (3) Vansah VSAM counters were created to measure response times against key application processes for an online shopping experience.

Vansah VSAM can be deployed to run against any application which can be driven by your robot of choice. Basically if your robot can recognise your application, Vansah VSAM will capture your applications response (minimum, average & maximum response) times recorded over your target period.

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