Vansah 4.4 is now out and soon to be rolled out to all users on Australia Day 26/01/2015!

Whats included?

1) New Huddle (Interactive discussion on any screenshot or document uploaded or associated to an artefact)

2) Advanced Reporting for Incidents

3) New Project Asset Board

4) Project Level Management

5) Powerful End User/Synthetic Testing Technology!

More News, Release 5 (Enterprise Management & Reporting) will be completed in March 2015. This release will introduce Advanced Enterprise project & test management features with a key emphasis on managing multiple projects from a single dashboard or widget.

Introducing Project progress sharing to clients with single drill in to impacted requirements, issues and tests across multiple projects, activities and releases directly from your email, phone or browser. First release of iOS app to be released in Vansah 5

Have your say and suggest key requirements you may have directly with TestPoint.

What to expect in Vansah 4.4?

New Huddle Concept.

  • Preview and Comment tab (with number of shapes count).
  • Dropdown options for selecting the shape (point or rectangle).
  • Movable circle and rectangle (resizable) which will form an entity once its a comment gets added against it. – Counts of the shapes to be update with addition and removal of the shapes.
  • Unique shape numbers within a version of the image. – limiting the movement of the shape within the image boundary
  • Sharing the conversation of a specific shape with the users. – Redirecting to the discussion page when opening the image via comments popover or in summary report download link for the images
  • Deletion of the shape restricted only to the owner of the shape
  • Anchor points withing an image huddle page (I #2076). – Attachment option with a comment for shape conversation (I #2071)
  • Huddle management via project board Database changes
  • Paste to screenshot fixes for the image huddle via quick create asset popover.
  • Huddle management changes from the quick create popover
  • User can manage any huddle and can associate them to any KANBAN board
  • Huddle management changes to list other user specific huddles
  • Hotspot shape development to include an external url or different huddle. – Preview mode changes to enable redirecting to external urls for which hotspots have been included
  • Huddle management changes to list other user specific huddles
  • Delete management changes to allow deletion of the huddle directly from my huddle tab
  • Hotspot shape development to include an external url or different huddle
  • Automation on deletion/ update of the huddle via information tab
  • Resizing hotspot. – Making the preview mode as active (with hotspots enabled).
  • Automation on deletion/ update of the huddle via information tab
  • Including the hotspot shape selection as a new navigation link in preview mode
  • Any pdf attached via huddle is now converted to images (one image per page). The location of the converted file is project and version based making it unique for each version
  • Req #713 – PDF to image integration and conversation integration for the images generated.
  • Clicking on individual images will navigate to the conversation page which integrates all modules (hotspot + shape discussion) for those images.
  • A new table is included which references the image information generated via the version of the pdf attached to a huddle
  • Huddle linking with the incident. – Displaying the huddles underneath the attachment slider. – Managing the incidents for a huddle via huddle edit window
  • UX changes on the huddle edit window to auto update the content in different huddle tabs
  • Navigation changes in case of a huddle attached to an incident to list the specific shape and highlight the same
  • Including the multiselect fields in the export. – Include more/less option to show the multiselect column while displaying the same in the grid
  • Export excel fix for project board cards. – New dropdown (bootstrap dropdown) for multiselect fields with create/edit asset form
  • New bootstrap multiselect dropdown for search filters. – Modification in the multiselect query when performing inline search query.
  • Incident linking with the shapes of the huddle. – Search and modification on the existing incident to be linked with a shape of a version of the huddle
  • Listing the incident associated with a huddle in the huddle page

Performance Monitoring – Synthetic Testing

  • Threshold line in the performance line chart
  • Search filter to include the date range of synthetic results.
  • Graph plot with a horizontal threshold line of the counter
  • Scroll option to view the data in the date range included
  • Search filter to include the date range.
  • Export to excel is now part of private dashboard performance gadgets
  • Chart toggling option to get the bar chart of a performance gadget.
  • Clicking on any point opens the same in grid mode
  • The drilling to the grid view from a point selection is changed to the double click in the line chart.
  • Counter performance task driven with the two options to manage and delete the performance counters.
  • Base64 encoded image display if associated with a record in the line chart. – Bar chart changes to include Minimum, Maximum and Average information in sequential order.
  • Line chart changes to detect single click and double click for a point in the chart. If a single click is occurred, then a request is sent to the server to get the any image information (if present).
  • Performance line chart with counter and advanced mode. Advanced mode includes option to plot the graph against multiple counters and agents Share option for performance data
  • Modification on the counter summary report to embed the response data graph against the counter (spline chart) for different agents
  • Defect fixes for Incident #2371 – chart-refresh order on dashboard is loading gadgets in wrong order of priority
  • Changes specifically to gadget summary report page. –New performance share to option which includes: Export to excel, HTML report & Share to via email.
  • System Event listing trigger within the performance counter summary report.
  • System Events tab within the quick links to list all the events for the project.
  • Ability to select Multiple synthetic agents within the performance summary report

Latest Vansah Asset Board

  • New public dashboard (ASSET BOARD) for a project.
  • Listing the asset specific to user tree folder.
  • Modified Vansah tabs which can be dragged based on the user preference. – The tabs will be auto saved once dragging is done
  • Deletion of the assets via asset board (I #2268).
  • Enhanced breadcrumb across vansah assets (part of I #2269)
  • Integration of quick create popover in the asset board. The quick create asset links opens within the asset board if the asset board is visible and active.
  • The count of the opened create asset windows will also be specific to the asset board. When hidden, it would display the default opened popover create windows count with the tick mark of the opened asset create windows

Latest Incident Reporting/Widgets for Dashboards

  • Latest Dashboard Widgets In Vansah 4.4 focuses on Incident Reporting (designed by TestPoint’s Principal Consultants to support our managed testing services) allowing users to graph any type of incident within a project using a stacked chart with detailed summary report options.
  • The Advanced Incident Chart/Reporting compliments TestPoint’s Vansah’s SDLC methodology by providing stakeholders especially project managers the ability to forecast and plan for projects in real time by sharing a dashboard with the latest Incident Widgets.
  • With a single click on the widget users can now drill into the associated records and produce a traceability report highlighting all the associated cases, tasks, requirements available within your project.