To provide a rich customer experience, websites and mobile solutions increasingly depend on third-party technology/components. Web services enables technology integration and bridges decoupled systems across various platforms and applications. As a result these integrations introduce a new level of complexity and challenges. The increase of communication paths and the complexity of composing such services compounds the task of testing and monitoring the health and performance of your systems.

With no application graphical user interface, testing and monitoring the performance of your web services without the right tools is a challenge. Commercial API testing tools generally support the creation and verification of tests, however lack real-time performance monitoring and trending capabilities.  TestPoint has developed a simple and powerful SoapUI Extension to its VSAM platform which enables real-time performance monitoring and trending capability of your web services both within and outside your network.

Solution Benefits

TestPoint’s VSAM SoapUI Extension delivers real-time visibility of your web services performance early within your build/development phase through to production monitoring. VSAM allows organisation to proactively identify and monitor problems before real users are impacted to expedite problem resolution, reducing the business impact and cost of web services defects.

The following benefits are established immediately with VSAM SoapUI Extension:

  • Failure or malfunction notification with detailed analysis and real-time reporting
  • Comprehensive validation to analyse API layer performance trends with threshold management and monitoring
  • Centralised historic data to understand impact of changes  (performance and functionality) – Unlimited history
  • Mobile accessibility to dashboards and gadgets
  • Real-time information of data and performance impacts based on location, time and responses linked to SoapUI web services transactions


VSAM SoapUI Extension ensures you meet your business requirements providing advance performance monitoring and clear KPI dashboards.

The extension compliments your existing SoapUI or SoapUI Pro investment, enabling a centralised performance and synthetic monitoring solution without having to change your tool or redevelop existing scripts. With little effort you can extend SoapUI into a complete end to end solution across any environment, build or location centralising performance metrics, functional test results and meaningful responses in real-time using your TestPoint VSAM cloud dashboard.

Here is what you can expect immediately after engaging TestPoint to support your web services testing requirements:

  • Measure.  Understand “before-and-after” performance of your web services changes
  • Threshold. Manage thresholds per web service call
  • Isolate problems. Isolate problems by location, server and application for immediate real time identification of the transaction
  • Ensures availability. Reduce the impact of end user outages and performance issues by knowing issues both functional or performance prior to your customers
  • Notifications and Alerts. Provides real time alerts for outages, performance and security issues

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