Based on customer feedback not everyone likes to login in to another systems to interact with web applications.

To support, TestPoint has now fully integrated email ticketing with Vansah. You can have a project in which Vansah will create issues from emails based on the rules you configure.

Users can be notified about their requests with full email conversation managed against the ticket in Vansah. Every email address on the CC or TO list will automatically be added as WATCHERS to the new ticket in Vansah.

This means you are 100% sure your ticket is being managed and everyone is aware of the progress to support and close a ticket.

Issues and comments in Vansah can be generated either from:

  • email messages sent to your own account on a POP or IMAP mail server, or
  • email messages sent to a Vansah dedicated mail account for each Incident type based on your Vansah Project
  • Vansah will scan email messages received by your mail account’s ‘Inbox’ folder. However, for IMAP mail servers, you can specify a different folder within your mail account.
  • Vansah will delete the message from your mail account (on a POP or IMAP mail server) once successfully processed.