TestPoint and Seapine Software Interview – ANZTB Test 2016 Conference – Hala Talanoa (Principal Consultant – TestPoint), Nico Kruger (ALM Solution Specialist – Seapine Software) , Mark Mason (VP Worldwide Sales – Seapine Software) & Fadi Hawli (Director – TestPoint)

Seapine Software, explained the great experience they had at the ANZTB Test 2016 commenting on the number of great people who attended the conference and asking the right questions.

Furthermore, Nico Kruger and Mark Mason commented on the importance of  tracking projects across the whole software delivery life cycle with full traceability. Seapine emphasized on their products and solutions doing a  great job at bridging the GAP between traditional Waterfall and Agile Methodologies helping their customers understand how to transition between the two.

Fadi Hawli commented on the importance of integration and partnership with focus on giving value back to the customer.

Hala Talanoa concludes with a reference to one of the keynote speakers regarding “Value Based Testing”, and how the customer really needs the required outcome with quality. Tools alone are not the silver bullet solution. It is coupled by great people,  great culture, and great technology.

TestPoint would like to thank Seapine Software for making the time for a quick unrehearsed interview. We were definitely impressed with the energy and passion they had for their solutions and most important their customers! All the best.

Special thank you to the ANZTB for the opportunity to exhibit and present at the ANZTB TEST 2016.