Last financial year, TestPoint experienced an impressive 40% planned growth supported by industry leading Technology Solutions, Specialised Testing Services and an exceptional team!

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What really matters is what our clients are prepared to say:

The next level of Testing.

Sarah Wilcock, Senior Project Manager for Silver Chef (A dedicated hospitality and restaurant equipment funder in Australia) is responsible for the implementation of a bespoke system to manage applications and contracts in the Silver Chef and GoGetta brand. Sarah has a strong IT team with a broad range of technical skills but what they didn’t have is the real detail between Test Management & Test Strategy. Silver Chef required help with Test Management and Strategy to keep the project on time and track.

In our recent interview with Sarah we captured some real insight to what she thinks about the relation with TestPoint and how we supported some of her key challenges.

“I don’t see TestPoint as just a Client Vendor relationship; I see it as collaborating to meet the same objective which is to have a fit for purpose fully tested piece of software.. ” Sarah Wilcock, Senior Project Manager – Silver Chef.

TestPoint, the recommended & trusted partner.

Darren explains the issues his company was having running multiple legacy systems. The organisation needed the right partner to support them with a CRM solution to take them to the 21st century. Darren discovered TestPoint through a recommendation and explains how his organisations success is a result of introducing TestPoint to lead the project across project management, testing and IT.

Leading edge solutions

TestPoint working with Partner (eMite) exclusively to deliver total manage testing services to client.

Outstanding testing services

TestPoint working with large Superannuation firm delivering outstanding services!


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