It’s difficult for businesses to understand what their end users experience is or will be. The task of making sure your business applications are available and performing to your service level agreements is critical and organisations want to know the following:

    • Is everything working?
    • How fast is it at any point in time?

TestPoint’s Vansah VSAM can be run in your private test environments at the time of your first build and managed as part of your standard automated test strategy for new features revealing potential obstacles way before any real load testing occurs. Best of all you now have real data to bench mark off and compare against performance testing and real production monitoring.

TestPoint’s Vansah VSAM provides real end-user/synthetic monitoring capabilities which consist of the following: Geographic distributions, Alerting in real time with detailed information such as the last screen shot, Agent information and response time captured exceeding threshold & Information provided to help you diagnose and fix the problem.

Best of All, Vansah VSAM isn’t about introducing new tools. It’s about leveraging from your current tool sets and most important your existing automated testing investment.

Within moments Vansah VSAM can transform your existing functional automated testing investment to a powerful performance monitoring and validation solution which can run throughout your build cycles.Data can be captured from several sources and grouped against your configuration settings.

This information is aggregated to support with details such as browser or operating system version information and the list goes on.