Testpoint provides a secure and high-tech managed testing and quality assurance service utilising Testpoint’s Vansah™ quality assurance, software testing and application monitoring platform to improve application quality without requiring large upfront investment in full time staff, technology/tools and/or hardware.

Testing Quality with Greater Visibility, Agility, and Control

The software testing market is expected to steadily grow at a rate of 14 percent by 2021. The key drivers for this growth on the Software Industry

are increased demand for automated testing and for agile testing services. The demand for testing services is expected to grow even further in the coming years, due to the transition to cloud-based applications and the need by clients for enterprise mobility. One prominent driver for mobility development has been the clients’ need for access to financial services.

With only a few established international testing players servicing this large market landscape, it’s critical for niche players like Testpoint to disrupt traditional testing methods and services, utilizing automation solutions, tools, and industry-specific software testing processes to support and improve testing with necessary innovations that address application testing comprised of both functional and non-functional requirements.

Our Testing Practice-as-a-Service

With an industry leading, enterprise level testing practice, Testpoint supports customers by providing a complete testing practice, tools and environments with its proprietary Vansah™ QA platform. Vansah™ has the advantage of providing a comprehensive level of visibility and dashboards for project teams. Additionally, it helps pinpoint where value can be added to software testing and development. This goes beyond metrics, data, and analytics by providing insights to focus, plan, strategize and improve the delivery of software releases.

TPaaS can be purchased as a dedicated short/long term service  for project teams who require heavy and controlled lifting to resolve specific testing and quality assurance challenges.

Testpoint also offers an outsourced TPaaS for customers requiring an independent quality assurance and testing service.



A comprehensive Test Strategy and Plan.


Access to Vansah, our proprietary software testing solution, which delivers real-time visibility and management, and progress reports across all testing activities


A highly experienced team of test consultants.


A Test Completion Report outlining tests undertaken, relevant results, issues identified and our recommendations


Daily updates on execution, management and reporting.

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Why Software Testing Makes Great Investment For Your Business?

  • Offers certainty and confidence in the quality of your product
  • Ensures your customers enjoy an exceptional user experience
  • Validates your investment prior to going live
  • Ensures a high level of functionality which can deliver what is expected
  • Reduces maintenance costs in the long term
  • Accelerates project delivery


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