TestPoint will work with you to build a successful framework for your software implementation project streams, establishing quality software testing principals, boundaries and repeatable systems to manage your risks immediately.

Our goal is to identify with you the high risk areas of your project then establish a ‘functional’ software testing strategy to ensure you meet your immediate and long term goals.

Subsequently, we will introduce a transition strategy to let you account for the tools and a methodology put in place during our engagement.

Developing your maturity and capability around your software testing space will vary depending on the strategy you choose to execute. Whether you are working with a vendor(s) or your internal IT team, you can minimise your costs by working with our team of professionals to ensure you are achieving the milestones you have set out to reach i.e. a mature software testing framework that will support your software development requirements and business demands.

TestPoint can deploy a three (3) ‘phased’ approach to ensure your maturity and capability investment can be quantified and measured appropriately.

  • Slice-1 Engage: Deliver maturity road-map strategy based on as-is and target
  • Slice-2 Enrich: Implement test strategy, policies, processes
  • Slice-3 Empower: Support through managed testing service