In today’s market, there is a common trend across various business sectors where technology solutions and systems are delivered by IT vendors without the implementation of a comprehensive testing program.

Indeed software releases are being accepted by customers, who then rely on business users to validate the changes. Although the business users have the relevant knowledge, they are not necessarily skilled to conduct the level of technical testing required. And the fact is, with no quality assurance procedures in place, the consequences for your project could be catastrophic.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

At Testpoint, our team will partner with you to develop an appropriate testing strategy and a robust plan to ensure that these risks are mitigated. Indeed, through our close collaboration, we are committed to helping you work more effectively with your IT vendor to ensure a practical and appropriate approach is adopted, so your project runs smoothly and without incident.

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System Testing


  • Provides visibility of Vendor’s Software Testing Practices
  • Ensures you’re able to implement a thorough Risk Profile, Strategy and Plan
  • Ensures the implementation of a Disciplined Release Cycle
  • Gives visibility across your Vendor Testing Practice and deliverable(s)
  • Ensures early detection of defects

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