Testpoint™ offers the expertise of  our RPA proof of value consulting services aimed to establish RPA readiness with a well defined path. 

Conduct RPA Readiness Assessments

Identification & selection of high priority automation candidates.
Development of end-to-end RPA roadmaps.
Development of business case

Development of end-to-end of RPA Roadmaps

We work with you to establish business processes, repetitive tasks which can be automated and demonstrated as part of the RPA proof of concept delivery. The selected cases will cover different parts of your requirements which may include Applications, API's, Services and Data processing.

Define RPA governance frameworks

The RPA framework will support the selected automation tool/s. A well-defined test automation framework ensures your automation projects deliver results and can be reusable across projects with greater return on investment (ROI). The framework will manage your data, environment related information, reporting requirements for your entire RPA Process.

RPA tool assessment, selection and deployment

Detailed analysis is conducted to support the RPA tool selection which best supports your organisations requirements. Various factors are also included in identifying the right automation tool/s which includes your application/s, technology stack and process requirements.

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Collaborative Discovery

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RPA Proof Of Concept


  • Detailed Evaluation of your RPA readiness
  • Reduces time required to validate complex RPA evaluations
  • Utilise Testpoint’s industry experience and Partnership Network
  • Quality assure your RPA experience
  • Accelerates RPA solution

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