Implementing performance testing is vital for your business to ensure flawless performance, customer satisfaction, and to avoid costly system failures and crashes.

Our Performance and Load Testing infrastructure delivers a wide range of performance scalable testing solutions to assist our customers identify performance bottlenecks.

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Superior Performance Testing Infrastructure ready for you now!

Backed by our superior Performance Testing infrastructure,  we help jump start and accelerate performance testing saving our clients up to 35% on traditional performance/load testing services.


Establish an understanding of the current performance & load characteristics of an application in a variety of usage scenarios to enable the impact and effectiveness of future improvement initiatives to be demonstrated


End-To-End performance, load & stress testing services to highlight areas where application could be improved and enable development teams to target resources and investigations more accurately


To predict likely performance profiles across multiple deployment scenarios, data sets, server configurations which enables the definition of the correct resource allocation thresholds necessary within dynamic environments


Synthetic ACTIVE and PASSIVE real user monitoring solutions designed to identify potential system issues and usage scenarios that could lead to impacted services and operational risks

3 Reasons to choose performance testing with Testpoint

100% Delivery Success Rate

Experts in Performance and Load Testing Delivery

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Is your systems performance keeping you up at night?

We ensure the reliability of our performance tests are guaranteed across your technology environment.

Why partner with Testpoint for Performance and Load Testing?

  • Validate fundamental features of your software
  • Experts in User Interface, API, Microservices & Database testing
  • Keep your users happy
  • Early Problem Remediation
  • Competitive pricing (Environments, Tooling and Consulting)
  • Improve optimisation and load capability
  • Measure the speed, accuracy and stability of your technology
  • Thorough examination and identification
  • Detailed analysis and in-depth recommendations
  • Identify discrepancies and resolve issues
  • Simulate real-life and extreme conditions

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