Managing Traffic on our roads is a long term plan the Australian Government is committed to by continuing to develop and improve our intelligent traffic system known as The Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS). SCATS, now used worldwide in over 100 countries, utilises traffic camera’s within the road pavement to count vehicles at each intersection, while timing traffic signals in the network through a centralised datacentre. Detailed signal diagnostics are also passed to the datacenter, enabling instantaneous response to traffic incidents and congestions.

ExecuteTestCase_LinkedToPlanThis genius system relies heavily on thousands of continuous messages passed through a complex control system which changes the timing of traffic lights in response to changes in traffic flow.

A system with such complex scenarios and transactions is known to heavily rely on a team of business experts assigned the task of signing off on all changes made prior to our global network been updated with any new SCATS release. The expensive task and high risk of pure manual software testing is another reason why the RTA has carefully invested into a perpetual automated software testing service.

Unfortunately automated software testing can come at an expensive price especially when the purpose for automating software test cases isn’t aligned with your overall project test strategy, or when a clear link between automated test scripts and actual test cases is difficult to find.

Many organisations may consider themselves lucky if their main problem is only a traceability issue since most Test Managers are left scratching their heads when they try to make sense of complicated results extracted from the automated testing tool. The concern only gets worse when you need to compare your results against configurations, requirements and data for the software under test.

The RTA has transformed this risk into a big WIN! By successfully introducing Stream Test Pro to the SCATS testing team who have reported a reduction in post run analysis and major improvements to real time visibility of testing coverage, progress and quality. Test Engineers can now communicate the quality of the product with clarity by utilising trending capabilities and capture verification points helping the entire software testing program with planning, analysis and execution of exit activities from one single place regardless of the automated testing tools deployed across the organisation.

STP has further assisted by deploying a mature software testing framework empowering the team to focus on key business requirements and assisting developers by testing special code branches which provide real time results and health checks on software changes prior to making them available to the overall project team.

The SCATS test team now take control and provide visibility to all stakeholders when it comes to software quality and system performance which in return is a continuous return on investment for the RTA and Australian Tax payer.