Vansah’s HOST ALERT API allows you to quickly Monitor, Detect & Alert on any type of detection you configure within your application events and/or automated test scripts. An Alert can be considered either an Information Alert, Warning Alert or Critical Alert by simply passing the Values (0, 1 or 2)

When invoking the HOST_ALERT API, Vansah will automatically trigger an Alert Type to the notifications group associated to the AGENT/HOST.

Alerts will always be captured against the AGENT/HOST in Vansah. You can monitor the AGENT/HOST by creating a GADGET against your Dashboard in Vansah to measure the Alerts in real-time. A notification will be linked to the GADGET so simply drilling into the GADGET based on the ALERT TYPE will take you to the email notification.

Main Usage/s:

There are multiple usages for Vansah’s HOST_ALERT API.

  • Applications/Logs/Databases: TestPoint can customise a solution for our customers that wish to monitor any Application, Server, Database, Log File and/or Process. The custom monitor can be configured to run at any interval and once a particular event TRUE the HOST_ALERT will be invoked from the HOST/AGENT. The notification message will be sent to the notification group configured in Vansah against the AGENT. (see below) Changing the notification groups can be managed from Vansah by logging into your own Vansah instance.
  • Test Automation/DevOps: Customers that may be running automated test scripts scheduled to run on demand or over a period of time across multiple Agents/Hosts can use the HOST_ALERT API to notify (PUSH) notifications to a configured group when a particular event occurs. For example if a Test Case Fails you can send the failure and problem during Test Execution to be alerted. You will now be able to log in and access Test Logs to determine what issues have been identified from your automation tests against the build and environment. This supports DevOps teams as code deployments and automated tests can instantly notify your team on identifying any event.
  • Cyber Security Monitoring: Most companies focus on how to prevent access in to their networks while they ignore or forget the importance of monitoring and alerting the right people when an event occurs which requires attention. Host Alert can be configured to notify when a Cyber Security threat occurs. The Alert can be triggered on detecting a Cyber Threat. TestPoint can work with you to configure Cyber Security Monitoring across any application both within (Behind) or outside your companies Firewall/Network.

  • A day where there are NO ALERTS captured against a HOST/AGENT

AGENT-Configuration-GOOD DAY

  • A day where ALERTS have been captured against a HOST/AGENT which require attention based on Alert Type.