A project timeline is a plan to coordinate and manage.  A typical timeline requires a project manager to identify and detail activities required in each phase of a project. The challenge in managing a project is increased when you have multiple activities and people contingent on each other with a loose time line.

Ultimately, we all want to deliver on the client’s expectations while adhering to Time and Quality.  To ensure this is achieved we have to track progress against timelines. A consulting company must be able to leverage from its experience by referring to previous and current timeline data to set the expectation and commitment helping them advise clients with confidence.

The next requirement is to monitor and track progress of activities reflected in your timeline.  How can you keep your customers informed of progress if your struggling to manage activities due to lack of traceability and visibility into your project timeline.

TestPoint’s commitment to time, quality and continuity meant we expanded our consulting advantage with our Vansah™ Platform Solution and continue to inspire our clients. Our Intellectual Property is enriched on a daily basis accelerating project delivery for our clients across a wide range of industries.

Vansah™ has invariably proved itself to be a real “value-add” solution for our customers. For TestPoint, the excitement around Vansah™ is all around the confidence it gives us. We know that we can go into any organisation—it might be a company with operations in 3 continents across 15 locations knowing that no matter how complex the project may be, we will deliver the customer’s requirements.

Intelligent Timeline by Subsystem    Intelligent Timeline by Test Phase

Recently, we yielded a 15% productivity boost with the introduction of our Real Time and Automated Project Timeline built within Vansah™ to track and monitor any activity across business, change, releases, requirements, incidents and off course testing.  A TestPoint project timeline is more than just tasks and activities, its an intelligent timeline that works to inform and enable our team to deliver on our Clients expectations with absolute confidence.