Advances in cloud technology coupled with an increased demand have made technology transformation far more attractive and accessible to both small and large companies.

In 2015, Gartner Symposium/ITxpo (Gold Coast)  emphasised the importance for organisations to operate at two speeds to transform digitally.

This year, October 2016, Gartner is focusing on the challenges for digital tenacity and what it takes to execute flawlessly today.

With reports that a digital economy is on the rise, expected to exceed 25% by 2020,  CIOs’ need to be prepared for disruptive trends,  re-think plans for continuous investments in proprietary/legacy system and transform technology to make digital a core competency for their organisation.

Most CIOs’ have started to transform or at least planned to transform, while for others are deeply entrenched into their technology and finding it a challenge to transform .  The IDC report “FutureScape: Worldwide CIO Agenda 2016 Predictions” emphasised that, “One-third of the top 20 firms in industry segments will be disrupted by new competitors within five years,” and that it’s a matter of “transform or perish.”

The IDC report also predicts that, by 2018, “70 percent of siloed digital transformation initiatives will ultimately fail because of insufficient collaboration, integration, sourcing or project management.” 

So why do you need to transform?

  1. Your competitors are currently transforming or have planned to do it. According to a Forrester Research report, executives predict that nearly half of their revenue will be driven by digital by the year 2020.
  2. You will be more profitable. According to the MIT Center for Digital Business, “Companies that have embraced digital transformation are 26 percent more profitable than their average industry competitors and enjoy a 12 percent higher market valuation.”
  3. You will be more efficient. Research shows, “Nine out of 10 IT decision-makers claim legacy systems are preventing them from harnessing the digital technologies they need to grow and become more efficient.”
  4. Your customers will love you. 

The steps for success would be to get started today with a clear long-term vision supported by quick wins necessary to boost confidence and unlock potential in the organisation.

The vision needs to be clear to ensure everyone appreciates and is committed to transforming technology to produce products and services that exceed customer expectations.

As a QA Integrator and Partner, TestPoint works with customers to deliver and support change utilising its  technology platform Vansah designed to mobilise and enhance the delivery of quality assurance and software testing for technology re-platforming, solution upgrades and/or total technology replacement with confidence of real-time decision making, IT cost optimisation, visibility to quality and alignment to strategic business outcomes.

Our Team is looking forward to seeing you at the 2016 Gartner Symposium/ITXPO in Gold Coast.