A corporate financial giant was about to give up on their attempts to implement a performance monitoring and testing solution for their top 10 production critical systems, only until they engaged TestPoint to implement an out of the box adaptable product solution. Stream Test Pro was capable of providing exactly what the business required which is real time, live production response times against all 10 core business systems. The business requirements were to capture over 150 performance counters known as business transactions every 5 mins which would run 24 hours, 7 days of the week.


We were confident from the start and required very little time to have a solution running immediately as our Stream Test Pro software performance testing component would never cease to impress especially with how useful and great our Management solution is.

To keep it simple we devised a run sheet which worked as follows:

Day 1)

  • Meet with Client and discuss key transactions and Test Sequences.
  • Engage Business experts to create and record transactional sequences within Stream Test Pro for each business transaction to monitor
  • Create all necessary performance counters within STP
  • Identified the appropriate functional driver test tool to record the tests captured within Stream Test Pro.

Day 2)

  • Implemented all performance STP_START_TIMER AND STP_STOP_TIMER functions against all the performance transactional counters and environments.
  • Imported all the necessary Test Data within STP to pass through to our performance monitoring scripts.
  • Created STP Execution 24 hour execution schedules to run on the Test Agents/Machines
  • Implemented STP Email Notification monitoring for failures.

Day 3)

  • Ran tests to capture first round of performance response times to verify against the appropriate business transactions.
  • Verified performance response times and associated test results were captured and sent to the core central business SQL Server Dash Board system.

** The above solution is now in production mode and running on a daily basis providing real time business performance monitoring data including failure point notification immediately 24 by 7 which is managed by TestPoint’s adaptable framework production solution (Stream Test Pro).

What was taking weeks for our competitors to devise a unknown plan for, TestPoint was capable of providing a complete working solution within less than 3 days due to our carefully engineered robust out of the box Software Testing/Management solution. Our engineers never fail on site with STP!

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