TestPoint contributes to optimising and improving enterprise project management standards by removing the biggest challenge most organisation face when reporting across multiple I.T projects. TestPoint’s commitment and on-going investment in technology innovation Vansah™ has recently introduced a whole new powerful cross project management platform which introduces a single view of project assets, actions, and tests with single click drill-in to any number of enterprise I.T project/s.  Users are now empowered to accurately track the status of what has been completed and what hasn’t on their assigned projects which has proven to accelerate the delivery of High Quality applications.

As a Project Manager or Team Lead in charge of multiple projects it can be an expensive and difficult task to be the go-to person for all your projects. Even if you can designate a lead for each project the accuracy of data and ability to see the status and priority of each item in real time can be tracking nightmare.

To ensure you never lose track of your projects and keep on top of progress, Vansah™  4.5 can be customised to suit your reporting requirements, centralising project data and providing real time traceability and interdependency of your projects from a single place which manages programs with a Strategic Enterprise Focus.

optimising and improving enterprise project management standards


How Can I Group records In Vansah?