TestPoint’s Managed Testing Services providing key benefits and savings and most importantly software application quality!

No business can succeed by standing still. They must innovate constantly and this means at some point they must implement something new. Hopefully prior to implementing they have taken all the necessary project controls, software testing activities to ensure a quality delivery experience, if not the results can be serious leaving a negative impact on your organisation.

To manage and contribute to the overall quality, TestPoint provides a complete Managed Testing Service (MTS) with solutions such as Vansah SDLC an online exclusive enterprise Testing platform to TestPoint, providing real time visibility and total transparency accelerating your project delivery with quality control. TestPoint’s MTS supported by  VansahSDLC provides leading edge processes, metrics necessary to address major testing challenges offering certainty and confidence in the quality of your product.

MTS-ResourceSchedule-Vansah TestPoint-MTS-Resource-Budget-Burn-Report 

Over the years, organisations who require a mature, robust and leading Test Management Practice within their business have regularly engaged us.  TestPoint’s amazing 100% success track record delivering un-matched, managed testing services and solutions across a range of organizations in the financial services, telecoms, retail and government sectors is your guarantee that you will be supported with real solutions, industry experts and optimum testing services. TestPoint’s managed testing services provides clients key benefits and savings when measuring time spent on testing, resource and knowledge availability, cultural fit, time to market and most importantly the overall software application quality.

To ensure you receive optimum Managed Testing Services  TestPoint has developed proprietary SDLC enterprise technologies which enables efficient collaboration between project resources, tracking while ensuring your maturity and capability investment can be quantified and measured appropriately.

Some of TestPoint’s Vansah solutions range from:

  • Agile Testing (Kanban Boards)
  • Test Planning & Management (Test Centre)
  • Test Execution (Exploratory & Planned Testing using Vansah test execution portal)
  • Advanced Test Reporting (Dashboards with pre-configured widgets and exports)
  • Requirements Management and Traceability (point and click instant 360 degree traceability for incidents, test cases, test logs, requirements and documentation)
  • Knowledge Management (A complete Wiki document system with traceability)
  • Automated and Performance Testing (Data and Keyword driven frameworks which integrate with commonly used tools), and
  • Synthetic Application End User Experience Monitoring – Vansah ATSI (A patent industry solution)

Our unmatched Managed Testing Services is successful due to our three phased EEE ™ approach:

  1. Engage: Delivering test maturity via an end-to-end road-map
  2. Enrich: Implementing bespoke test strategies, policies, knowledge base and processes which meet the needs of your business with complete real time reporting
  3. Empower: Providing services through our Managed Testing Platform & Reporting on a project and organisation level.


TestPoint’s MTS with Vansah SDLC provides the following key benefits:

  1. Enhanced planning and control Through Test Plan Development and Test Plan Controller features, plus access to project based Test Execution Portals.
  2. Comprehensive reporting Covering Trending, Capabilities, Defect Management, Test Metrics and a Test Results Repository.
  3. Improved test design and analysis with the ability to meet Test Requirements
  4. Effective project and incident management, to support your project efficiently, meet your requirements and analyse incidents using Vansah Project Boards.

With TestPoint’s Managed Testing Services and Solutions organisations can be reassured that our testing services is truly delivering optimum business value.