EnhanceTV is a educational video platform site, for schools sharing the most educational and engaging movies, documentaries and TV shows Australian television has to offer. The platform gives you access to the best of broadcast TV, bringing together ad-free educational programs from across the major Australian networks in one place. 

EnhanceTV partnered with Testpoint to manage their platforms Load and Stress testing requirements. “What we set out to achieve was achieved … ” Andrew Mula, Head of EnhanceTV


  • Platform must be able to support a very high number of concurrent users.
  • Platform must scale rapidly to meet the business goals 
  • Identify Performance bottlenecks and suggest measures to overcome issues

Test Deliverables

  • Performance Test Plan
  • Load Testing Scripts
  • Load Test Execution & Report

Key Scope

  • After hours test execution 
  • Point of failure focus


  • Test Infrastructure and Impact on related systems
  • Triage and Remediation of any Test Outcomes and Failures
  • Timelines and Execution windows, including any third-party preparation
EnhanceTV Load Testing Case Study Video: Andrew Mula,  Head of EnhanceTV & Alex Corzo, Software Architect

“EnhanceTV core philosophy is to put people ahead of profit. We’re a non for profit, Video on Demand site for Australian educational institutions providing the right type of educational content. That’s curriculum linked to the classroom.” Andrew Mula,  Head of EnhanceTV

“Our goal is to and enrich classroom for students to learn new topics by the means of using media content. We provide them with safe content for their learning curriculum. We want them to have seamless experience in watching the videos and to use the site without a glitch.” – Alex Corzo, Software Architect EnhanceTV

“So to be able to deliver our streams clearly and smoothly under heavy traffic is absolutely vital to everything we do.” Andrew Mula

“We’re in the process of expanding and it’s very important for us that increase the resilience of our solution. Therefore doing stress testing was the first thing that came to mind.” Alex Corzo

“We have built our own core framework from the ground up. We wanted to of course be able to test performance and really stress our system under the right type of pressure under the conditions that they would experience live and in the marketplace” Andrew Mula

“To find ourselves doing testing to our own system will be one time consuming and too it could be biased. So we wanted to go with experts on testing. That’s why we started looking for solution providers. We went into the Internet and searched on forums, searched on recommendation sites. Testpoint stood out because of the technical strengthen in their proposed solution.” Alex Corzo

“We found with Testpoint healthy balance between being cost effective and also really delivering a comprehensive solution for us.” Andrew Mula

“It was a serious company that had a solid plan. The pre-sales process was very straightforward. The first engagement was actually a call where we were able to have a better understanding of what’s required from us and then all the questions I had were answered and then our solution came in the next few days after that. So I think it was a very streamlined process to be honest it was a great experience and it gave us the confidence to go with them.” Alex Corz

“What we set out to achieve was achieved. It truly did feel like a partnership between EnhanceTV and Testpoint.” Andrew Mula

“We saw transparency in all the stages of it. I felt they had our back, because every step of the way they were there for us.” Alex Corz

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