The corporate realm is no longer under the course of manual operations and analytics. Technology dominates almost every business by providing convenient software solutions to improve the overall application performance of an organisation. But as the number of applications and software solutions necessary to support a business increase, the need for automated application performance management solutions becomes more prominent. 

Due to the amount of programs operating simultaneously, a lot of digital deterioration occurs daily, damaging the productivity rate, risking digital security and data loss for the company. Therefore, advance application features require upgraded application performance management, which can be done by automation using high-end APM technologies like Dynatrace and AI.

Dynatrace AI and Automation 

The purpose of APM tools is to manage the performance of applications by identifying any abnormal behavior in software. Moreover, due to system web integrations and other complicated environments, organisations tend to use mediocre-functioning APM tools which individually may only detect the root cause of a single problem. This approach, however, increases complications and cluster notifications, making it even more challenging to identify the root cause of application performance issues.

How Dynatrace Brings Transformation Improvement in Your Digital Systems

The technology used in Dynatrace is known as PurePath, which enables to monitor end-to-end transaction-level details; from the data drives to the browsers and across the networking channels identifying the entire path. Therefore, it is optimised to reveal performance problems at any level, warning external services. Unlike machine learning approaches, which only compare and cluster problems, Dynatrace’s software intelligence accommodates exact problem identification and solutions, strike analysis and root cause. 

PurePath Technology – Top Down Analysis

Simplifying Complex Applications to identify Root Cause 

The role of artificial intelligence is getting more significant to comprehend entire applications. It is now gradually becoming beyond human capabilities to understand the end-to-end complex functioning of the software and hence, they fail to overcome the issues that occur now and then. In addition to that, the help of full stack AI solutions is a suitable solution to aggregate the scattered data from the disconnected point for initiating a single solution. 

Detect Problems Before the Customer Complains!

In many businesses, the software errors and inconsistent performance impact directly to the customers, which hurts the image of the company. It also put the customer support in enormous pressure, without knowing what they can do to fix the problem. Then it takes a long time to detect, fix the problem and test the solution. Often this long period causes the loss of the customer looking to the competitor for a reliable service they expect for their investment.

The Dynatrace real-time analytics and AI engine can save you from such situations as artificial intelligence can ingest terabytes of data and interpret them for error detection immediately. It not only finds out the root causes of a problem automatically but also helps you resolve problems prior to your customers noticing anything wrong. 

Ideally organisations should be running synthetic tests against production systems, proactively simulating business transactions which can be monitored using Dynatrace for any abnormal behavior prior to your customers.

Identifying True Causes

To maintain the swift performance of applications, DevOps need to not only know when an error occurred but how it occurred as well. To prevent it from happening again, it is crucial to identify the exact cause of the problem. This is what Dynatrace artificial intelligence is about. The AI engines perceive relationships and dependencies in real-time to correlate disconnected data, which enables speedy recovery from an error and prevention from letting it disturb the system in the future. It also distinguishes anomalies from custom metrics using dependency mapping and change point detection. 

High-Tech Auto-deployment through OneAgent 

Human resources have long been proven inefficient to manually manage, configure and deploy complex layers of the digital ecosystem. Thousands of microservices make up one single cloud application which is enough to guess how crucial automation has become.

The auto-deployment tool from DynaTrace known as OneAgent is a high-end digital medium for managing high-fidelity data without hand-operated configuration or scripting. The DynaTrace OneAgent ensures compatibility of all processes operating on the host automatically updates instrumentation for new components as well. 

Automated Discovery and Mapping with Smartscape 

DynaTrace has a three-dimensional mapping technology, called Smartscape, to read your entire system of applications, It identifies all the connections and dependencies functioning in the whole stack of applications, from complete vertical to horizontal dimensions between services, processes and hosts. It discovers the full dynamics of the application network for instant detection of the root cause for any error. 

The biggest advantage of automated mapping through smart scale id is that one does not need various setups for different applications. It is a one for an all-digital solution that saves an enormous amount of energy, resources and time. 

Automation enables Advanced Baselining and Problem Identification

Instrumenting the system is just the first system; next, the IT department would need automatic problem identification. Now many solutions indicate the problem with an unclear approach. Most of the programs only alarm about an issue which has gotten out of hand and has already done the damage. Even after that, these programs might fail to tell the root cause of the problem. But with DynaTrace, things are different and accurate. 

It formulates advanced baseline mapping, ensuring complete automation and accurate identification of root cause. During this procedure, it does not rely on statistical averages, standard deviations, and sampling to compare normalcy and performance.

Adaption of DynaTrace for Superlative APM Services 

Constant application variations, highly advanced virtual environments, complex infrastructures, distributed data and cloud services have made it challenging for APM service providers to support IT setups. That is why it is essential to incorporate advanced technology innovations with the APM system to provide:

  • Transparent communications, 
  • Enhanced insight of feature adoption,
  • Authentic performance comparison, 
  • Earlier debugging of bottlenecks 
  • Top-Notch Digital Experience

Testpoint’s proof-of-concept (POC) APM services will demonstrate how you can do more with less, using Dynatrace AI and automation to support your enterprise better. We support and implement a range of automation, monitoring and Dynatrace solutions.

We start with an in-depth onsite discovery exercise to capture your current enterprise, requirements and maturity prior to supporting you with the necessary proof of concept service.

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