Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure! reference: Bret Pettichord


1 – Testing Process

The quality and effectiveness of software testing can be determined by your testing processes used. Ensure you review and improve the following regularly:

  • Test design
  • Test approach
  • Test environment/s

2 – Define Requirements

  • Agree on requirements & goals
  • Ensure there is a goal for best pay back.
  • Understand and agree on the expectation

3 – Prove The Concept

  • Understand where you are heading
  • Prove the feasibility of your test automation project
  • Validate your tools and approach as soon as possible

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4 – Champion Product Testability

  • Understand your products interfaces (CLI’s, API’s, GUI’s)
  • Determine the products testability and best way to automate
  • Encourage your developers to include a CLI or API in your product

5 – Sustainability

  • Ensure test results are accurate.
  • Understand errors and logs.
  • Analyse and improve failures

6 – Deployment

  • Learn how to package your tests for re-use
  • Document setups and execution process
  • Ensure your tests are widely available for team re-use

7 – Challenges

  • Face the Challenges of Success!
  • Stay in sync with development.
  • Focus on improvements and coverage
  • Maintain your investment

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