All project managers face problems on Monday mornings – good project managers are working on next Monday’s problems. – Learn 7 common reasons why Projects Fail.

Learn 7 common reasons why Projects Fail

1) Lack of clear roles and responsibilities

Stakeholders/clients were not fully supportive or centrally engaged in the project

2) Project lack strong thought leadership, management & governance.

Failure to manage business/I.T stakeholders expectations.

3) Schedule slippage, quality flaws (lack of testing/quality assurance)  and budget overruns.

Estimation is done based on insufficient information or analysis. Suggest you implement a software quality strategy. Read More

4) Lack of cohesiveness amongst teams/members

Engagement, teamwork and communications failures.

5) Underestimation and analysis flaws.

  • Market and strategy failures
  • lack of experience, skills people/team posses

6) Failure to think ahead to foresee and address potential problems.

Risk management is seen as an independent activity rather than an integral part of the planning process

7) Lack of architecture and design.

  • Individual components developed without understanding overall architecture or integration strategy.
  • Failure to consider non functional requirements.