Level 1 ITP (SOLD OUT) Closed until January 2024

Due to an overwhelming demand for Testpoint’s Interactive (Internship) Testing Program, we have had to prevent further registrations.

It is expected the program will re-open January 2024.  Please follow us on LinkedIn for updates.

Current program will start on the 9th of October 2023

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Frequently asked Questions about the Internship Testing Program (ITP)

After the completion of the Internship, will I be assisted with reference checks for any of my job applications?

Yes, we definitely support all Interns that successfully complete the program with a certificate of completion and your Mentor can be included as your referee for any Job applications.



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Will I receive practical real life project experience?

Yes and definitely Yes. Once you have completed the Internship Modules you will join a project team with complete supervision by Testpoint to gain Testing experience.

This is the objective and uniqueness of Testpoint’s program. First you will perform all the modules which require practical work to be completed by the Intern and then finally you will be ready to Join a Testpoint team with real software developers, testers and project management. During this experience you will be trained and shall shadow another Testing consultant.

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Is the internship only for candidates new to the market?

Candidates that have previous work experience have benefited from the program differently to candidates that are new to the market. During the program we identify candidates based on their strengths and previous experience to take on different roles that are more aligned to their current situation.


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What is the benefit of doing the Testpoint Internship?

An unpaid internship at Testpoint can give you the sort of on-the-job experience that you can’t get in a classroom or online course.

With an unpaid internship you can also:

1) include your internship on your resume

2) ask your Testpoint for a reference

3) make contacts and grow your network with Testpoint employees.

Testpoint strongly believes in the success of our internship program for recruiting staff.

Make a good impression while contributing!

You can also speak with existing Testpoint staff that have successful completed their internship and moved on to employment.

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Can I update my LinkedIn profile

Only applicants that have completed their Level 1, Internship with Testpoint and received their certificate from Testpoint may update their LinkedIn profile to include :

“Internship – Software Testing” at Testpoint


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I am based outside of Australia can I apply for the internship?

Yes, you can apply regardless of where you may be living. The ease of working remotely today is all because of technology and tools to help better communicate and collaborate as a team online.

Workers today are more productive than they’ve ever been.  The internship program will ensure you have the right experience to work with your team across the globe which is a reality of how most organisations have become.

Technology in the workplace has helped workers become more efficient than ever before. What used to take hours now can take minutes. Messages can be sent instantly to colleagues or clients across the world. The ease of working remotely today is all because of technology and tools to help better communicate and collaborate as a team online.

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Who is this Internship program suitable for?

Testpoint has a high demand for internships and being registered with major universities in Australia we regularly get approached by students that have completed their degree and want to pursue a career in software testing/consulting.

The internship is suitable for candidates that have not had any local Australian commercial experience or have been out of the workforce for more than 6 months and looking to come back with an increased chance at being successful in the industry.

The program has also helped candidates that are interested in a change of career coming from a completely different industry however may have had some commercial experience with stakeholders, business and experienced some form of user acceptance testing.


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How do we apply to the Internship Testing Program?

Simply complete the form within the Internship Testing Program page.

All applications will be reviewed and you shall be contacted within 48 hours to review your application.

A Teams virtual meeting will be conducted to review your application and discuss your situation.

Our representative will also walk you through the entire program/modules including project experience that you will be part of as part of the work experience/mentoring testing program.


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Will interns be guaranteed employment with Testpoint

The internship program is not an employment agreement with Testpoint. The program is not offered by any other organisation since all modules, practicals and methods used have been developed by Testpoint over the past 5 years. The program has proven to employ majority of internship.

The program will improve your chances of being employed in Australia as your confidence, experience and ability to communicate with potential employers will be dramatically improved after successfully completing the program/practicals.

Testpoint will also be willing to provide a reference to support.


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What kind of modules are included in the Internship?

Level 1 internship covers a variety of modules and some modules have a pre-requisite that you must complete previous modules prior to attempting them.

Through-out the training modules you will be asked to join a Testpoint team to conduct real practical work experience where you will join a team to observe how work is conducted. This also allows you to practice  what you learnt in the previous modules.

Level 1 modules are conducted as follows

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How long does it take to complete?

The entire internship can be completed in 6 weeks if managed on a full time basis.

You are free to conduct the internship at your own pace and location.

On average applicants will generally complete the internship within 8-12 weeks when conducted on a part time basis.


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Do we get a certificate of experience?

At the successful completion of the Internship Program all applicants will be provided with a certificate of completion.

The applicant will also be able to include Testpoint as a reference.


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How much needs to be paid?

Yes, the internship requires a fee to be paid. The investment for the Level 1 Internship when paid up-front is now only: $1400.00 AUD Inc GST

This fee is to support the following

1) Consultants/Mentors time in accessing and providing feedback across modules.

2) Licensing costs to allow you to access our collaboration and content sites

3) Regular maintenance of material

4) Practical work experience mentoring (Final Phase)

We understand that some of our interns may require flexible payment plans. This can be organised over a 3 month Interest Free payment plan if you are approved for the internship.



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How difficult is the Internship?

The internship doesn’t have any exams, rather questions which you will be required to respond to by recording your answer via video or audio recording.

We conducted an evaluation of your progress and look at mentoring to improve your understanding and performance similar to how your manager would be required to work with you once you are employed in the workforce.

ITP is purely training you to think like a tester and exposes you to real software testing consultants from Testpoint. You will learn from the  best regarding how to be a software consultant, analysing and using real commercial projects that have opted in to the Internship Program at Testpoint.

This means you will observe real teams and practicing with a mentor.



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Where is the internship conducted?

The internship program is run from your own home or office. This program is completely managed via online systems with learning content and modules that need to be completed remotely prior to any practical experience.

All content is proprietary Testpoint material designed to empower your career as a software tester.

The internship Level 1 process is shown below.

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Testpoint’s ITP program consists of specialised online training and practical programs which prepare you to join our team for corporate work experience! Its never been better than this!


Gain Local Industry Exposure

ITP is an Australian managed program where content, practicals and experience is designed to support a career within the local industry.

Learn from Industry Leaders

Our team has successfully managed hundreds of large corporate projects. As industry leaders specialising in Software Testing and Quality assurance we want to help you lead.

Put theory to practice

We want to enhance your learning by showing you how to put theory into practice. Our internship isn't just about commercial experience it's about the RIGHT experience.

Gain Technology & Software testing experience

If you plan to make a career in software testing , this is a perfect place to start with Testpoint's proven program which has helped accelerate our interns careers and become leaders in software testing.

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