Integrate test automation into your development and testing process

When implementing #TestAutomation it is important to ensure your automated testing tool/s, can be flexible and supportive of a wide range of applications and languages. Integrating test automation into your development process and framework will provide a...Read more

What Organizations are doing about RPA – Strategic Direction and Challenges

Wondering why Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is relevant? According to Gartner, Inc. RPA software spending is predicted to reach up to $2.4 billion by 2022. A smart and cost effective solution to automating tasks, RPA has been on the rise for a while an...Read more

Effective Automated Software Testing

Test automation can empower your organisation to verify early and continuously, enabling intelligent data analysis to help your organisation’ responsiveness in addressing critical business challenges for a seamless customer experience. Effective Sof...Read more

Australia’s technology leaders to meet in Sydney

AUSTRALIA’S TECHNOLOGY LEADERS TO MEET IN SYDNEY ADAPT’s overarching 2018 theme has been AGILITY – how to enable it, achieve it, and sustain it at scale. What every single C-level event we organise has fed back is that Australian organisations a...Read more

Dialysis Australia partners with Testpoint to support Medibank’s at home haemodialysis initiative.

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CIOs advancing with the right partners – CIO Edge Experience

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