In addition to Testing Services, what also differentiates us in the Australian market is that we provide bleeding edge consulting related to Quality Assurance of technology projects. Methodologies and practices are only a small piece of the puzzle. We all face complexity that we need to simplify.

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Flexible Structure

Testpoint™ provisions a flexible structure to help our customers deliver results in supporting critical business functions. Our team of personalised expert analysts and consultants are well established with cutting edge solutions and the capacity to engage, enrich and empower our customer' teams.

Technology Delivery Platform

We achieve our remarkable reputation by our commitment to our customers and on-going investment in our services and technology solutions providing innovative business solutions to accelerate high quality application delivery.

Measurable Outcomes

The way we work is as important to us as the services we offer. We place great emphasis on the processes we use, measuring the effectiveness of our services and solutions by actively listening and speaking with clients about how to monitor and measure the impact of our interventions.

Proven Delivery Framework

Testpoint's EEE ™ Methodology “Engage Enrich Empower” is a success factor in our professional services as we continue to revise and enhance its effectiveness to support a range of organisations across industries, sectors and demographics.

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