Automated Testing is an area that requires the appropriate strategy, guidance and most important of all, purpose.

Organisations are constantly looking for ways to improve their process areas across the board whether it would be a business process or a system level transaction. This is also true in Software Testing.

Automated Testing is one option that comes into the forefront of strategic discussions when you start looking at ways of streamlining your test effort.

In most cases (failed attempt), a decision is finalised to adopt a particular tool without due diligence and no clear test strategy. Consequently (sadly), the acquired tool solution becomes part of the furniture in just a matter of time, leaving everyone de-motivated.

If you have experienced this same fate or looking to avoid this mistake, TestPoint can help you simplify the entire process. We will work with you during the implementation of a repeatable and reusable process to help you establish a comprehensive automated testing solution, adding value to your project deliverables.

Your automated testing requirements may range from a simple macro requirement to an established test automation framework providing a comprehensive set of process and reporting capabilities.

We can deploy this solution following our EEE Capability Solution to get you started.

Application of Testing

Specialise in the deployment of automate testing to help you with various applications to your key requirements.

  • Production System Monitoring
  • Integration Regression
  • Functional Regression
  • Performance Regression
  • Build/Deploy Regression
  • User Acceptance Testing Regression
  • Configuration Regression
  • Migration Regression
  • Technology Solution Acquisition

Tool Technology

Provide solutions across the board to our clients utilising some of the following vendor solutions.

  • HP Quick Test Pro
  • IBM Robot
  • IBM Functional Tester
  • Micro Focus Testpartner
  • Micro Focus Silktest
  • Smartbear TestComplete
  • Microsoft VSTS
  • Selenium
  • SoapUI
  • Tricentis Tosca

Type of Validation

Ensure that the relevant validation depth and coverage is accessible and produced by your automated testing strategy.

  • UI (Screenshots, Screencast)
  • Data
  • Web Services
  • XML
  • Regression Performance
  • Static
  • Logs
  • Files
  • API