Building a Software Testing Strategy to add value!

In today’s market, there is a common trend across various business sectors where technology solutions and systems are being delivered by some IT Development Vendors without a thorough software test management program in place. Even more concerning is the absence of a quality assurance and test strategy to verify the control mechanism. The software releases are being delivered and accepted by the customer with no traceability and visibility of quality.

This risk is a challenge to every CIO, IT Manager and Project Stakeholders which they have to battle with on a daily basis. As with every challenge, their is a solution to the problem. Quality Software Test management, coupled with a proven strategy and the appropriate expertise, the problem can be tackled head on with an acceptable test strategy for all.

Software Testing (or proper use of test management) is often left out of the the project planning and budget, and unfortunately you (as the customer) are faced with the reality of guessing the quality and relying on face-value to accept a product from your vendor without the appropriate level of validation.

TestPoint can deliver this missing piece immediately, working with you to deploy the most appropriate strategy and plan to ensure that you mitigate these risks with a proven test strategy, framework and support staff. Through our partnership, we are committed to helping you work together with your IT Vendor to adopt a measured approach in mitigating your risks and delivering a quality product to your end-users.

Your Situation

  • No visibility of Vendor’s Software Testing Practices
  • No skilled test resources to conduct system testing
  • Looking to manage Vendor deliverable(s) better

Our Approach

  • Deliver your Risk Profile
  • Deliver Risk Strategy and Plan
  • Execute the required Coverage
  • Mobilise and Mentor your Internal Staff (IT and Business)

Your Value

  • Disciplined Release Cycle
  • Early detection of Defects
  • Informed Decisions
  • Quality Management
  • End-to-End Traceability
  • Visibility on your Vendor Testing Practice and Deliverable(s)
  • Controlled Costs