Mobile devices are definitely more popular than ever before

Real user experience verification is critical to ensure your business application is tested prior to making it available to the market.

The most popular methods of mobile usability testing have been noted to be:

  1. Lab-based (using a camera to record the session)
  2. Diary-studies (asking people to keep a diary of how they have used their mobile phone and any problems they encounter)
  3. Paper prototypes (running usability testing on a paper-based version of the site, using mobile phone screen-sized pieces of paper)

TestPoint has streamlined the validation process with STP (TestPoint’s in-house consulting QA tool) which makes mobile device testing similar to desktop application testing. Users can now write test cases for mobile devices and plan to run the tests to verify functionality and user experience against real mobile devices, ie: iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile systems. Screen by screen, tap by tap the user experience is logged within STP according to your Test Plan or Test Suite which is planned for testing. The tester can go as far as capturing video evidence of animated transitions using STP’s inbuilt video capture process.

We are not referring to your artificial simulators here, we are running real tests against the real thing! Our testers are validating your business mobile application using real hand held devices and logging the test execution/validation process detailing PASSED, FAILED or INCOMPLETE steps.

Developers can now receive live real time test logs detailing step by step screen navigation process of your mobile app including any details entered by the Tester.
Best of all, tests are not stored on a local folder which then have to be compiled into a report! They are centralised within an enterprise QA Management system where the outcome of the test is linked back to your Test Plan detailing the number of tests run, time take to execute the tests and standard metrics used by most mature testing processes.

This process of user experience mobile testing is a step forward which TestPoint is now sharing across organisations which have engaged in our Mobile Device testing services.

To see an example of the output generated from a tester validating a simple default application on an iPhone please click on the STP report below. Notice all screen shots are captured and linked to a Test Step or test requirement verification against a Plan and Build.