Testpoint is committed to conduct its business in an honest and professional manner in compliance with applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations and the prompt reporting of possible Code violations. Testpoint encourages our subcontractors and suppliers to adopt similar labour and ethics policies and practices.

Our business aim of delivering services of excellent quality and value to our clients goes hand in hand with our human rights and ethical labour practices priorities.

Empower our People

We firmly believe to deliver our business strategy, we need to actively consider and have a positive impact on human rights and ethical labour practices associated with the supply of these services. We are committed to the rights and welfare of our employees, subcontractors, agencies, and suppliers by fostering a business environment that advances the safety, security, rights and welfare of all people.

All work must be voluntary and workers shall be free to terminate their employment

Child labor is not to be used. The term “child” refers to any person under the age for completing compulsory education or under the minimum age for employment in the country.

Working Hours Continuous overtime causes worker strain that may lead to reduced productivity, increased turnover and
increased injury and illnesses.

Testpoint will monitor overtime and rest day utilisation and take appropriate action to address
instances deemed excessive

In regards to ethical labour practices, our aim is to:

Collaborate with our supply chain to ensure they commit to our ethical labour practice policies and standards and that they will uphold them by working responsibly.

Deliver on our ethical labour commitments and obligations, including any applicable legal requirements.

Be a proactive company and protect the people in our business and supply chain from any potential risks in our operations and strive to provide positive impact enhancements to their welfare.

Join forces with the industry and other interested parties to enable the development, sharing of ethical labour good practice and contribution to thought leadership.

In order to deliver this, aim we will:

Implement an ethical labour management system that enables our operations to deliver their ethical labour practices, as well as modern slavery and human trafficking commitments and obligations, by committing to our ‘Ethical Labour Principles’ on fairness and integrity, employment standards, working conditions, living conditions, mobility and access to documentation, recruitment

Use systems that allow reporting internally and externally with the aim of improving our performance continuously as a company.

Provide training and development opportunities for the people in our operations and supply chain to enable ethical labour practice including modern slavery and human trafficking risks as well as welfare enhancement opportunities to be identified, prioritised and managed effectively and;

Promote joint consultation with clients, employees, supply chain, the authorities and other relevant parties.