Dialysis Australia partnered with Testpoint to use its Solution configured off its Vansah platform to support Medibank members transitioning to at home haemodialysis treatment.

The Medibank program commenced in April 2018 across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. To take part, Medibank members must have hospital insurance that pays benefits towards dialysis services and have approval from their treating nephrologist. Medibank will fund the service, which is delivered by Dialysis Australia, a qualified and experienced provider of home-based haemodialysis services supported by Testpoint’s Technology Platform.

The service contributes to a more sustainable healthcare system in Australia, freeing up services and resources in hospitals. At 7:30am (EST), June 25 2018, saw the first member transition to at home haemodialysis treatment.

The Health solution improves home patient care,  enabling healthcare professionals to deliver personalised healthcare services, assuring best quality outcomes in the following areas:

  1. Patient Management (Medical History)
  2. Nurse and Care Worker Management
  3. Care Worker/Home Care Patient Treatment Scheduling
  4. Scheduling
  5. Custom Care Plans
  6. Detailed Reporting, Time Sheet Management, Billing and Invoice Management
  7. Incident Management (Workflow + ITIL support)
  8. Patient Training (Checklist and Compliance)
  9. Lab Results
  10. Medicine Management

Testpoint consulted with Dialysis Australia in May 2018 to understand key requirements for the end to end patient treatment process. In less than 6 weeks, the first release of the solution is live in production, thanks to the high performing agile delivery teams tasked to configure and conduct the required test automation for this release. Testpoint will deliver the next iteration on 6th of August 2018. This is an exciting time for the team to be part of such an important digital improvement to the healthcare system.

Some of the latest achievements in the platform include the release of a progressive web app (PWA) removing any dependency on native mobile application requirements.  This will ensure future releases of the solution are instantly available to users preventing the need for upgrades allowing the technology to be rapidly available.