Its one thing to validate your applications navigation and functional GUI components, however equally important should be your strategy to validate the accuracy of your applications backend transactions in accordance with front end user input and data flows.

Making the assumption that everything is working fine based on the applications confirmation message is asking for serious trouble and potential loss of data, revenue and ultimately business operations.

TestPoint's STP Data Validation Report

When you consider the complexity involved in financial systems, the number of settlements, calculations and adjustments which occur based on trading terms and variable interest rates then you can understand why most will find data validation extremely difficult if not impossible to practice.

So how do you manage application and database changes without breaking its ability to accurately process data, correctly report on scenario based tests and provide accurate calculations in real time, intraday, end of day and end of month?

How do you validate real business roll-backs impacted by key date transactions with confidence of signing off on your release?

The answer is with TestPoint Professional Services, we have the experience, tools and strategy to automate your regression tests making true sense of your applications life in the real world. We will build an appropriate coverage to simulate critical scenarios, automate the management of environmental conditions and data at the API level verifying configuration based tests with pre and post validation points.

If you are struggling to detect transactional errors then it’s generally the approach, environment and tools used to embark on this important task.

We don’t pretend to know how to make it happen, or promise what we can’t support. We deliver end to end automated data validation points traced to front end transactions/tests all thanks to our proven Stream Test Pro automated QA framework solution. Integrated within your functional automated tool, STP provides the framework to do what others said was impossible.

We can help transform your testing reach instantly, regardless of your current testing maturity.

You are dealing with your business IP and operations and so the right personnel and strategy will define the success of your project.