A large tier one organisation embedded Testpoint consultants amongst project managers to advise of quality impacts as they are dynamically being planned. Testpoint consultants participated in various workshops and committees to call out impacts in plans and designs. Learnings from similar projects from across Australia were drawn upon by Testpoint teams so that to ensure full visibility of failures before they materialise and at the design and planning stage.

A large tier one organisation wanted granular and technical risk insights against its projects. Testpoint consultants were embedded among project managers to advise upon and track granular risks to the delivery.

A tier one organisation building a complex and customised business-technology solution identified that teams had been too siloed and high level at design phase. The teams had adopted User Stories as requirements without considering the implications of not translating those into system design or system requirements early on. This is an increasingly common pitfall to modern project methodologies. Testpoint was brought in to provide analysis and recommendations on how to identify missing requirements.

A project manager in a medium organisation needed assistance to understand if they could achieve the outcomes at a particular quality and timeline. Testpoint was brought in to analyse the Project Plan and deliverables. Testpoint consultants were able to quickly identify missing aspects of focus and were able to workshop the breakdown of missing items remaining and fit them to a workable timeline. In collaboration with the Project Manager, a more detailed Project Plan was established at a granular level of risks and impacts communicated.

A large organisation with several developer teams faced the problem where; the scope and responsibilities, of several teams, at the helicopter view, of the greater solution - were unclear. Testpoint consultants were brought in to map the responsibilities for Requirements Traceability and Quality.  Processes and workflows were established creating fewer silos and more focus against the group objectives.

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