There has been allot of interest in our new enhanced capabilities with Vansah™, our consulting model and managed services.

People come to speak with us from various industries from Drone management right through to legal and medical.

Organisations are excited about what we bring to the market including our capability to deploy anywhere across Australia utilising our solutions and partnerships.

A key part of our engagement process that people seem to be really excited about is TestPoint’s Integrated financial and reporting solutions that we provide with our delivery services.

We go in there not only with business and operational capabilities, but we also set financial KPI’s so we can help our customers manage costs of their overall Capex and what component testing we agree to build without compromising capability or delivery.

TestPoint provides a holistic solution from capability to financials …  that’s our key value proposition keeping all this into a single package.

One of the outcomes which we are looking forward to on the back of this exhibition is rolling out some of TestPoint’s latest products and enhancing our offshore capability to support our onshore teams, providing a blended cost which our customer will benefit from.

Our customers requires the right capability, however, costs can sometimes be a factor, so we have come up with a blended model to support our clients growth and strategic  objectives.