Executives find it extremely difficult to establish a clear view of their production releases due to a lack of robust and automated Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) solutions.

The effort to maintain an RTM can be difficult and expensive leading to poor requirements management, costing organisations up to 50 times more than initial estimates.


To help minimise the problem of poor requirements management, TestPoint supports its customers with its Vansah RTM platform delivering a 360 degree automated Traceability Management solution run from any browser to deliver the following benefits:

  • Help customers to manage their project business and technical requirements efficiently across the verification process providing instant, real time and an accurate traceability view
  • Dramatically improve its customers requirements management experience and reduced costs by ensuring the correct requirements are developed with sufficient test coverage throughout the implementation process
  • Help organisations visually manage associations of their requirements for the system under built and project artifacts implemented to verify those requirements
  • Assist customers maintain and “base line” requirements with an automated RTM engine.
  • Accurately manage changes to requirements and report on impacted artefacts such as linked requirements, test cases, documents and incidents associated to the requirement