Located at the Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney, the Australian Stuttering Research Centre was established in 1996 with Professor Mark Onslow as its founding director.

Its mission is to conduct research into the nature of stuttering, to conduct clinical trials of stuttering treatments for adults and children, to train future researchers in the field and to support those who stutter and their families. The Centre actively promotes excellence in stuttering treatments worldwide. It has an international focus, with international research collaborations and PhD students from seven countries.


The Australian Stuttering Research Centre (ASRC) employed a local technology development vendor to implement its first online stuttering treatment program. The ASRC engaged TestPoint for its testing solutions and services to ensure tha the solution being developed have met their requirements.


Testpoint delivered a Managed Testing Solution deploying a team dedicated to manage and execute all testing functions to support the acceptance of the Application Under Test (AUT).

  • Managed Testing Solution
  • Vansah QA Solution
  • Defect Triaging and Resolution Planning
  • Test Management
  • Test Design
  • Test Execution
  • Test Reporting to ASRC and Vendor
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix

Value Add

  • Quality Deliverable – Quality deliverable released for clinical trials
  • Measurable Test Results – full traceability of test results provided for each requirements
  • Risk Mitigation –  Risk Approach Testing focusing on critical requirements for the ASRC

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