Case Study: Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy through T24 Managed Testing


This case study examines the successful collaboration between our client, a leading financial service provider in Australia, and Testpoint’s Managed Testing Services. The client sought a reliable testing partner with strong expertise in T24, a core banking system, to enhance their testing processes. This case study highlights the challenges faced by the client, the solutions provided by our testing services, and the resulting benefits achieved.

Client Background

Our client, a pioneer in financial services in Australia, operates with a commitment to providing responsible and transparent banking solutions. As part of their ongoing commitment to excellence, they recognized the need for a comprehensive T24 Managed Testing service. This service would encompass the review of existing test cases, test management activities in agile releases, preparation of test plans and strategies, and automation of regression testing.

Challenges Faced

The client had several challenges that necessitated the engagement of a testing partner with extensive T24 expertise. These challenges included:

  • Complex Test Case Review: The client’s T24 system was highly complex, making it difficult to accurately test all its functionalities and integrations. The intricate nature of the system required specialized knowledge and experience to ensure comprehensive testing coverage.
  • Agile Test Management: With the adoption of agile methodologies, the client needed assistance in managing testing activities during each release cycle efficiently.
  • Test Planning and Strategy: The client required expert guidance in developing comprehensive test plans and strategies to ensure maximum test coverage and mitigate risks.
  • Regression Automation: To improve efficiency and reduce manual effort, the client sought to automate their regression testing processes.
  • Time Constraints: The client had strict project timelines and deadlines to meet. They needed a testing partner who could deliver efficient and timely testing solutions to ensure a smooth implementation and minimize disruption to their business operations.
  • Regulatory Compliance: As a financial service provider, the client had to comply with stringent regulatory requirements. They needed a testing partner who could ensure that their T24 system adhered to all necessary regulations and industry standards.
  • Limited Internal Resources: The client had limited internal resources and expertise in T24 testing. They lacked the necessary skilled personnel, tools, and processes to perform thorough testing on their own. This posed a significant risk to the quality and reliability of their T24 system.

To address these challenges, the client engaged a testing services company with extensive Testing and Financial Services expertise.

Our Solution

Testpoint, with its extensive consulting experience, provided a tailored solution to address the client’s challenges. The key components of our solution included:

  • Comprehensive Test Case Review: Our team conducted a thorough analysis of the existing test cases, identifying gaps, redundancies, and areas for improvement. We collaborated closely with the client’s subject matter experts to ensure the test cases documented inside Jira with Vansah Test Case Management plugin aligned with their specific banking processes.
  • Agile Test Management: Our testing experts seamlessly integrated into the client’s agile development environment. We facilitated effective communication and collaboration between the development and testing teams, ensuring timely and accurate delivery of testing activities during each release cycle.
  • Test Planning and Strategy: Drawing upon our extensive domain knowledge and T24 expertise, we worked closely with the client to develop robust test plans and strategies. These documents outlined the objectives, scope, and approach for testing, ensuring comprehensive coverage and risk mitigation.
  • Regression Automation: Leveraging our proficiency in test automation tools and frameworks, we automated the client’s regression testing processes. This enabled faster execution, improved accuracy, and reduced manual effort, allowing the client’s team to focus on higher-value activities.

Results and Benefits

The collaboration with our client yielded significant results and benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: By streamlining the test case review process and implementing test automation, the client experienced improved efficiency in their testing activities. This resulted in faster turnaround times and reduced time-to-market for new features and enhancements.
  • Increased Test Coverage: The comprehensive test plans and strategies developed by our experts significantly increased test coverage, ensuring the client’s banking processes were thoroughly validated. This helped identify and mitigate potential risks and issues early in the development lifecycle.
  • Improved Accuracy: Through our meticulous test case review and automation efforts, the client witnessed improved accuracy in their testing results. This translated into a higher quality of software releases and a reduced likelihood of post-production defects.
  • Cost Savings: The automation of regression testing processes led to substantial cost savings for the client. By reducing manual effort, the client achieved higher testing productivity while optimizing resource allocation.


Through the implementation of a tailored T24 Managed Testing service, the engagement addressed the challenges faced by our client. The collaboration resulted in enhanced efficiency, increased test coverage, improved accuracy, and cost savings. The outcome supported high-quality software releases while maintaining our client’s commitment to responsible and transparent banking solutions.

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