Roads and Maritime Services is a NSW State Government agency established on 1 November 2011. It is a delivery agency responsible for implementing strategy and delivering customer focused services in a cost effective manner.

Roads and Maritime Services aims to build and maintain roads, conduct driving tests, issue licences and registrations and oversee harbours and waterways to create a streamlined, customer focused organisation to deliver essential frontline services to people who use roads, harbours and waterways.


RMS were using a number of automated functional tools to provide the validation various applications core to the function of RMS. RMS highlighted a number of areas within their testing space to improve from test case management, traceability, execution strategy, performance monitoring and test automation.


Testpoint provided Vansah to help RMS centralise the management of their automated testing program allowing them to reduce their in script creation and increase their test coverage 10 fold.

Value Add

  • Improved Test Process – supporting test process with flexibility and comprehensive artefacts
  • Automated Test Analysis – automation of test results and reports with powerful traceability capabilities
  • Asset Management – maintenance of test plans and test cases made easy for the team, given that the number of test cases had grown  exponentially within a 12 month period
  • Test Tool Independent – API’s provided with Vansah allow for easy integration and communication with all functional tools
  • Quicker Results Analysis – process of post investigation test runs is effortless with excellent features to help with diagnosis of the problem

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