Our client is one of Australia’s leading healthcare providers with over 50 hospitals and a market leader in international pathology operations.


With a mandatory Kronos system upgrade which directly impacts 18,000 employees, our client required the appropriate performance testing capability to validate the upgrade will have no system performance degradation and any negative end user experience.


Testpoint consulted with the client and partners to deliver the necessary performance testing strategy and agreed SLA outcomes, demonstrating a level of confidence to stakeholders. We completed an initial diagnosis of the system, which allowed us to assess the situation and define the steps required support the required performance testing engagement.

The engagement was based on two key phases:

Phase 1:

  • Onsite Workshops, Meetings & Risk Profiling
  • Configuring Performance Test Environments
  • Identify Key Performance Use Cases
  • Build Performance Test Strategy and Plan
  • Performance Data Planning

Phase 2:

  • Deploy a Performance Testing Capability (Including Synthetics Active Testing & Monitoring)
  • Capture Test Cases, Data, Sequences, Scripts
  • Environment Shakedown
  • Performance Test & Build
  • Performance Test Execution, Reporting & Issue Triage


Testpoint deployed its Vansah™ Synthetic Active Monitoring (A.I) solution along with application load generators. This helped our client establish the direct impact to the end users experience with transaction response times.


The engagement was a success as it proved that the upgrade would not be fit for end user experience, until key performance issues were addressed and remediated.

The issues were supported with evidence captured using Testpoint’s performance testing framework supported by synthetic tests helping our client with facts.


Testpoint was able to provide the client with detailed application performance insights as a result of the system upgrade. Testpoint continues to work with our client supporting their current performance testing practice, assuring their technology transformation with complete control and visibility to deliver business value.

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