Kmart Tyre & Auto Service, now rebranded as mycar, has undergone a significant digital transformation to elevate customer experience and services. With a focus on digital innovation, the company has invested in technology to offer online booking services and assist customers in finding the right tyres, aligning with the evolving needs of the modern consumer.


Testpoint’s expertise in optimizing online systems has been instrumental in enabling mycar to effectively manage the surge in traffic and demand during major promotional events such as Black Friday.

Challenges Faced:

mycar needed to ensure its online platform could handle the rush of transactions during promotional events, which meant performance and load testing services were essential. This was a major challenge, so mycar searched for a dependable partner that had the knowledge to manage the entire process from strategy, planning, delivery and reporting of performance and load testing services.

Solution Provided by Testpoint:

Testpoint facilitated a series of workshops with mycar stakeholders, including developers, product managers, and quality assurance teams, to define comprehensive testing requirements, goals, and objectives. Through these workshops, Testpoint gathered valuable insights and aligned all teams towards a common performance testing strategy. Subsequently, Testpoint produced a detailed Test Plan that outlined the testing approach, resource requirements, and timeline.

Results and Benefits:

The collaboration between Testpoint and mycar led to the optimisation of the e-commerce website, which caused a significant improvement in the user experience. This in turn had a positive effect on the sales and customer satisfaction, particularly when the website was faced with a high level of traffic during promotions. As a result of the performance and load testing conducted by Testpoint, mycar was able to understand the issues which needed to be resolved to support the expected load during the Black Friday event.


The partnership between mycar and Testpoint displays the importance of employing specialised expertise in tackling digital transformation challenges. By investing in performance and load testing, mycar upgraded its online platform, increasing business growth and customer loyalty. This case study highlights the significance of digital innovation and strategic partnerships in meeting the needs of modern consumers and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

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