KPMG was looking for a testing vendor (partner) to deliver an enterprise managed service testing capability to fully support its portfolio, program roadmap and development life cycle delivery cadence with quality, speed and scale.


To date, there are various forms of technology tooling in place to facilitate existing processes, ranging from UNIT testing, requirements management, test development/execution, defect management and performance testing. The management and leadership team at KPMG believe the right investment in a mature enterprise end-to-end testing strategy and streamlined processes are required to have the ability to scale and deliver successfully for their business.


KPMG was looking for a testing vendor (partner) to provision and totally manage an end-to-end Test Practice capability to support its development life cycle delivery and releases of its portfolio and program roadmap into production. Ultimately, the testing vendor (partner) will function as an extended team to collaborate with KPMG project teams to build and deliver testing capability from strategy, approach, planning, automation, execution and reporting to achieve the target quality, speed and scale required.


  • Consistent Testing
  • Full Stack Testing Capability
  • Continuous Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Quality Releases Scale and Speed


In response, Testpoint™ conducted an initial engagement, broken down into two (2) phases, to review in detail current context (as-is) and deliver a number of key artefacts and capabilities for the outcome articulated by the KPMG management and delivery team.

Phase 1 delivered the following capabilities and artefacts

  • Centralised methodology, governance  and tooling to drive delivery
  • Collaborative teams operating on a unified platform approach & delivery platform
  • Quality releases to customer base
  • Increased stakeholder transparency
  • Accountable partner to take ownership of testing function and deliver an independent quality assurance and software testing program KPI driven and measured

Phase 2 Analysis, Strategy, Design & Implementation

  • Test Automation capability to drive continuous, accurate and large test coverage of complex systems
  • Test accuracy as system changes grow
  • Consistent IP minimizing dependency on experience staff
  • Systemised and repeatable testing of priority business and systems processes
  • Increased efficiency with streamlined testing coverage
  • Controlled cost on system regression testing

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