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We’re Atlassian Cloud Fortified! enhanced security, reliability & support

Cloud Fortified apps give you enhanced security, reliability and support

Atlassian’s Cloud Fortified program is designed to give customers the assurance and certainty they require when it comes to selecting apps from the Atlassian Marketplace.

With the Cloud Fortified program and badge, customers can now easily identify enterprise-ready cloud apps with additional security, reliability and support. A Fortified badge, awarded by Atlassian, indicates that the app has been vetted for cloud security and undergoes additional checks for service reliability and performance.

Vansah Team is delighted that on the 25th of May 2022, Vansah Test Management for Jira is now among the Cloud Fortified Program by Atlassian. See community post “Vansah is now officially a Cloud Fortified Atlassian app

Requirements to the Participants of the Atlassian Cloud Fortified Program

Cloud Fortified represents a world-class SaaS ecosystem for Jira customers. To achieve a Cloud Fortified badge, Marketplace apps need to be scanned by Ecoscanner and meet security requirements and bug-fix SLAs.  Fortified app Partners like Testpoint are also required to demonstrate their own active investment in security by participating in Atlassian’s Marketplace Bug Bounty program and adhere to stringent support SLAs and  cloud security requirements.

Testpoint is proud to be part of Atlassian’s Marketplace Fortified Apps demonstrating our commitment to go above and beyond when it comes to security, performance and reliability providing an enterprise-grade app experience for our customers of all sizes.

So, if you’re using Atlassian Cloud products or starting to migrate, look for Cloud Fortified for enterprise-ready cloud security, reliability, and support.

Why are Cloud Fortified apps so important?

Jira has announced that Jira Server will reach End of support on February 15, 2024 giving customers time to enjoy the benefits of migrating to Cloud. Since security will continue to be a major priority for users, Cloud Fortified apps have been designed to provide customers an additional layer of trust, so they can be assured they’re getting the most secure and reliable products on the marketplace.

For us at Testpoint, our Cloud Fortified app status demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing a reliable and secure app experience for Cloud customers.

What’s the difference between a Cloud Fortified Jira app and a regular app?

Not all Jira apps on the marketplace are Cloud Fortified.  A Cloud Fortified App must achieve all security requirements and fulfil Atlassian’s Bug Bounty programe. Fortified Apps will be listed with a Cloud Fortified badge. You can search apps on the Marketplace that are part of the program.

A regular app does not demonstrate any mandatory security or reliability standards as Cloud Fortified apps.

To ensure that your team has access to the most reliable Marketplace apps, look for the Cloud Fortified badge while browsing the Marketplace.  To see a complete list of Test Management apps in the Cloud Fortified Program, click here.

Learn more about Vansah’s security practices

We’re proud to be Cloud Fortified and recognised for the ongoing security efforts we’re making.

To find out more about what we’re doing for our customers, take a look at our Vansah Test Management Trust, Security and Privacy.

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