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Testpoint – 50 Innovators of the Year

A trusted technology partner

Testpoint, an agile company, offers a range of powerful and innovative solutions tailored to your organization

Article by: CIO Bulletin Inc

Evolving technology is enabling users to access digital information and applications via a multitude of channels and devices. This evolution has covertly associated failures in technology to a tarnished brand and bottom line for businesses.

Hence, a well balanced software testing practice plays a pivotal role to minimize negative user experiences that may impact your brand and finances.

Leading in assuring your technology is Australian based, Testpoint Consulting, a partner in delivering innovative, forward-thinking services and technology solutions.

Established in 2008, Testpoint offers unparallel expertise in all aspects of testing from strategy to delivery, supporting both digital and technology transformation.The company has supported organizations from startups to Fortune 100 companies, backed by its Vansah testing delivery platform combined with consulting expertise makes Testpoint the preferred QA partner.

“We are agile, customer focused, and committed to understanding business objectives, so we can deliver best-in-class testing solutions,” said Fadi Hawli, Co-Founder of Testpoint.

As a Software Testing Consultancy, the company provides a range of testing services and solutions, such as Vansah, designed to ensure Testpoint can equip its customers for the next stage of their digital journey. Today, Testpoint’s Vansah technology has modernized and transformed to an independent application to be available in the Atlassian Marketplace for Jira Cloud customers.

“We’ve leveraged our relationship with our customers and partners over the years to build and evolve into a trusted technology partner,” explained Hala Talanoa, Co-Founder of Testpoint.

Vansah originated during the company’s early adoption of an R&D program to support end-to-end testing services for customers and their drive to remain competitive. It has since evolved to become a JIRA-native application for project teams. Vansah for JIRA, supports both Manual and Automation Testing, including integration to popular industry Open/Closed source test automation tools and CI/CD Pipelines.

To date, Vansah has generated well over 50 million test verifications based on current Testpoint consulting services. Now with the solution becoming available to the marketplace, Vansah Test Management for Jira is expected to be one of the fastest growing Testing applications for JIRA Cloud customers. This will provide potentially thousands of customers full testing capabilities engineered by Testpoint directly within the JIRA Native interface.

“It is the Holy Grail for Test Management to Improve Software Quality and speed to market,” exclaimed Fadi Hawli.

The Leaders Upfront: Fadi Hawli, Co-Founder: A zealous and enthusiastic Australian technology entrepreneur, with a strong focus on testing and streamlining testing services. Leading a team of experts, Fadi knows how to apply a disruptive approach and efficiencies to deliver necessary testing solutions to his customers.

Hala Talanoa, Co-Founder: Knowing that Testpoint’s customers are getting value from their investment, is what drives Hala with enthusiasm and passion to deliver outcomes with great solutions.

In 2020, Fadi and Hala, started transforming Testpoint’s flagship testing platform Vansah to be tightly integrated with Atlassian JIRA as a native application/plugin to support customers requiring superior testing solutions.

Testpoint is now not only a Testing services company; it is a Testing solution brand, and competitor in delivering Vansah as a JIRA native application to the Atlassian Marketplace.

“Established in 2008, Testpoint offers unparallel expertise in all aspects of testing – from strategy to delivery supporting digital and technology transformation.”

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